Vintage Outfits (Taking Nuances from the Past) 

   I can say my obsession with all things feminine and delicate began when I was a preteen. Those years where you begin to notice your body and how it attracts others. Unfortunately I could only hope to look like the gorgeous pin up models I obsessed ovee because I was a very fat child and I lacked courage, confidence and conviction. 

   My style was to show as little skin as possible. I did however commit slightly to the fashion by setting my hair, cutting bangs and wearing cute hair accessories but let’s just say it’s been a battle. A battle of wills really the need to be attractive to the opposite sex, a guyyy who will like me looking like a 50’s house wife (no luck so far haha!) really stopped me as ludicrous as it sounds. The fact that I also don’t make enough to support a collection of vintage goodies the likes of the fabulous Dita Von Teese and just finding the right crowd to fit into, these were things that bothered me before but now…. 

    At 28 years young I have decided to throw all that baggage of insecurities out da window man. I’m learning to thrift (it is an art form) so I can support this passion. I’m learning that being yourself really makes it easier to make friends and eventually someone special will appreciate your uniqueness . 

   So I say this to you with love please wear whatever the fuck you want. Life is too short to worry about how fat your legs look, how bumpy your thighs are and what fat shows. No matter what size, we are all human beings we deserve to love our bodies and our lives. So ignore the haters and do you!!! Let’s get to it shall we! 
  The first piece of attire is possibly one of my favorite looks to date. The top was purchased from a thrift store for 5 dollars, yes you read that right 5 dollars you don’t need to break the bank to look fabulous. The skirt I purchased at forever 21 a while back in the clearance section for 10 dollars. So for 15 dollars you look sharp, classy and delicate. Ready to face the world in all your vintage glory!! 

   Outfit 2 is super sweet it’s a lovely polka dot skirt from Asos I paid about 10 on clearance more because of shipping and handling. I paired it with the same delicate top. The sheer silky top really gives great contrast to the cotton, stiff feel of the skirt. I’m wearing this combo while on vacation to Puerto Rico with family. 


   Outfit 3 reminds of the 60’s I feel like I’m headed to a groovy house party in London. This dress is great because of the sleeves and the turtle neck you can still be funky fresh during the colder months. Pair it up with some thigh high socks and knee high boots to keep cozy. I paired this look with a chunky brown belt because I love the contrast between the belt and the stripes. It also helps to define the waist you can try wearing a waist corset (trainer) if you’d like. Another thrift find for 5 dollars I love it! 

These outfits are not exact replicas of vintage style but there are nuances of the past. I will be posting a get ready with me for a lovely reproduction dress I own from Pin Up Girl. I’ll be giving the skinny about this little red number in my next post. Though I hope this may have inspired someone like myself who needs to know that you are the most beautiful thing created and you can pull off the style you have been longing for! 

  Again I’d like to take this time to remind you that you can wear whatever the fuck is in your heart to wear. Leave them haters right where they stand because they’ll never go as far as you! 
Much love, success and good Vibes all day 

Damaris (Queen) 
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